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This website is all about my passion for Astronomy and for the Moon in particular.

My interest in the night-sky started when I was very young. Throughout my life I have spent many hours looking through all kinds of telescopes, have spent countless of hours at various observatories, and have worked at a planetarium for more than ten years.
At the moment I'm a full-time gymnastics coach and have created my own planetarium as a hobby/part-time job.
This way I can pursue my two great passions simultaneously.

Lately I have taken many pictures of the Moon with my cellphone. Maybe not the most sophisticated Astronomy camera, but the result are surprisingly amazing.
Just look at the following image for example.

This image is of the Apennine Mountains on the East side of the Mare Imbrium basin.

The mountains are part of the outer ring of this gigantic impact crater.
But an impact hole this size, over 700 miles in diameter, is called a basin, not a crater.

It is called Mare (Latin for Ocean) Imbrium because the floor of the basin is covered with ancient lava flows, making it look smooth like water. This Basalt has a darker color than the Granite on other parts of the Moon.

The figures of the 'Man in the Moon' and the 'Rabbit in the Moon' are created in your imagination from these dark patches on the Moon.
It is called 'pareidolia'.

I hope you enjoy your visit!